The Feminine Way of Being in Life and Business...
Create the Life you Dream of Living with Way More Love, Joy and Ease!!

We are on a mission to create a
global circle of women who
Unlock their Spiritual SuperPowers,
Activate their Divine Map to Success and
Awaken the Goddess Within.

Sharing our knowledge, practices, insights and inspiration, we will show you how to use your Divine Feminine Power to leverage your business and your personal life so that you can step into your best and most powerful Self and create the life you truly dream of living, a life of happiness, peace and success.

"Are you ignoring your Feminine SuperPowers and doing business like a Man?"

Forcing and pushing your way through life to create a sense of safety, security and success? Numbing your Intuition and your Wisdom in favour of hard facts, logic and linear thinking?

Ladies this is what I am talking about,

STOP the Struggle.

Stop falling back into patterns of forcing and pushing to get what you want, of covering the truth and hiding your feelings, of overworking and overdoing, of ignoring your authenticity and Sovereign Self to create change and get results in your life and business.

Whatever you do, read this all the way to the bottom, it’s that important.

Are you living on the edge of burnout and hiding the truth…
… not only from others, but from yourself, that you’re struggling to keep it all together?

…to keeping all the plates spinning, be a super fabulous business woman who ‘works hard and is a super achiever’, be a great mom, be a loving and supportive partner for your mate or perhaps, find Divine Love with the Right One, and be there, no matter what, for your family and friends?

…and when you look in the mirror you see a tired face, worn from bouncing back and forth from faith to frustration? Worn out from feeling like you are a fraud (even tho you work so damn hard and have so much experience), an imposter in your own life and business, and that sooner or later, someone is going to figure it all out and you will lose everything you have worked so hard for?

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in the cycle of treading water trying to live up to the game of being a successful businesswoman.

To feel like I am holding onto threads that are starting to slip through my fingers…

…that having ease and flow in my life and my business is a destiny that has somebody else’s name on it.

I was at the end of my rope and so fricking frustrated and EXHAUSTED, pushing and pulling and shoving to force my life and my business to fit into what was expected (by myself and others).

I had a horror wake up call one day…seeing myself in a photo, I saw the truth staring right back at me.

I was completely out of touch with my feminine body,…I was camouflaging myself wearing toned down shoes and clothing so I would come off more male, more ‘powerful and serious about business’.

In an instant I saw how this mindset had dominated my life and my business.

I had stopped having fun doing business, doing anything!, succeeding was always on my mind, everything was tracked and pressured, numbers heavy, hard deadline and bottom line focused…

…I had given up my soul for efficiency, for straight lines and winning at the finish line. I was secretly in competition with every successful man I knew. I was going to prove I could win…even if I lost myself in the game of getting results.

When I looked in the mirror later that day, I saw myself clearly for the first time in many months…

I had gained a lot of weight, I looked stern, worn out,… I looked down at my feet and I was wearing clumpy male looking shoes, old jeans and a frumpy sweater…I did not see the powerful woman I am looking back at me…

I walked into my office and everywhere I looked, I saw the hard push to succeed on my whiteboards, in my notes… I had squished myself into a box that I thought would make everything right…it was a hard but good lesson that led me to the deeper truth…

I was hiding my feminine power, not only from others, but from myself.

I was trying so damn hard to make my life and business WORK, but the harder I pushed, the harder it got to get the results I really wanted without the rest of my life falling apart and into sacrifice.

Does any of this sound familiar?? Does ALL of this sound familiar??

The TRUTH, however much it may sting right now, is that:

Ignoring your feminine power, second-guessing yourself, and playing it safe…always settling for less….isn’t going to work… E-V-E-R

Trying SOOO damn hard to “win the fight” with some invisible opponent inside of you, will forever keep your dreams out of reach.

Beating your head against a wall TRYING to figure out exactly what you need to do to create the change in your life and business is a waste of your time and you know it.

You are probably sick and tired of beating yourself up from the inside out, watching your thoughts and your emotions keep you awake at night, keeping you going around in circles of worry and doubt… I know I was.

These thoughts and emotions keep you caged in and bound to concern and discomfort. You realize you are never really present, even in the good times. And that’s painful not just for you, but for your family, and for your clients.

Those special moments that should really fill you and feed you with joy and a deep sense of self and connection, just leave you feeling utterly disconnected and preoccupied and alone….

It’s not your fault…it’s just time to climb out of the tar pit and walk a different, more empowered, path.

There are glimmers of your superpowers that you know you have, you keep them hidden, camouflaged… I believe they can change your world, I believe they will help you to create the life you really dream of living and the business you really dream of running, BUT…


You long to find a clear path to success that leads you to where you want to be without sacrificing who you are and what you stand for… or else you’d be off doing it already.

You really could use a Divine Roadmap, customized and designed just for you, for your dreams…one that aligns with your true purpose. A Map that creates real, sustainable momentum and flow for your success, your peace and happiness? Yes please thank you very much!

A deeper kinder relationship with yourself, where you KNOW you have your own back.

You know you can trust yourself.

You know you won’t land yourself back in the same toxic patterned relationships-new face, same drama!.., and you know how not to throw yourself under the bus in the face of obstacles, guilt, shame or blame, No Matter What!

The journey to KNOWING and LIVING your own truth and being able to use the answers within your own self about what to do next, about what’s really right for you, about what you truly deeply want for yourself, CAN BEGIN RIGHT NOW!

Make it real in your life NOW so you can start living the life you KNOW you came here to live.

It’s not a 5 step formula.
It’s not a cookie cutter process.
It’s not a ‘step by step’ you download from Google.

If you are tired of all of the struggle and the frustration and you are ready to stop the madness…do this next…

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Love Notes from Clients

Our Programs Change Lives

For anyone who is desiring and destined for intentional, successful, and compassionate living, I now know a strong structure to build upon is imperative. Kaeleya is that powerhouse of bright light energy with desire to empower and improve the lives of women and men alike.

Sarah Johnson

Speaking the same language of energy, Kaeleya supports me finding the words and focusing on the energetics of my business as well as the container and road map. She helped me reconnect to what I know about energetics and use it in my life and apply it to growing my business. I see where I’m heading and the future looks bright!

Marni SetlessIntuitive Energy Healer & Medium |

Working with Kaeleya was paramount. She helped me to recognize that my limitations are self-imposed.

Emma AnneCo-owner | The Melonlight Ballroom

I am getting busier every day. She has also helped me focus my attention on the things that are important to me in my business, the things that I like doing, the things that inspire me and feel passionate about…Love you Kaeleya!

Maggie MaeFounder and CEO of Blossom

Meet Kaeleya

Kaeleya Rayne is a leading global spiritual teacher and a Divine Channel. Known as a Sovereign Thought Leader and Intuitive, she is highly sought after by business people for her abilities to clearly see the hidden obstacles, illuminate the patterns, and bring unique solutions to long standing problems and, for her practical approach to working with the Goddess and Mystical Practices to create freedom, happiness and success. Everyone who works with Kaeleya comes away empowered, enlightened and energized to engage the world at a much higher level.

She is the founder of Sacred Wealth Fempreneurs which invites women of this world to be liberated from their old road map of the limiting stories, patterns and beliefs living in their bodies and minds. Sharing her knowledge, insights and mystical practices, she helps them to awaken the Goddess Within and become fully spiritually empowered. She then shows them, step by step, a new Divine Map to Success — A Divine Map that creates the life they truly dream of living — A Divine Feminine Life living in Sovereign Self, a life that is aligned to their highest truth, authenticity, passion, and purpose.

Giving Forward

When you invest in your Self through our work, you’re also creating positive change in the lives of women across this world. With every program you purchase, you are helping us to fully support Ms. Munniyammal and other women in need. We work directly with The Tripura Foundation to provide these women with reliable full support, providing food, clothing and basic necessities. The Tripura Foundation works tirelessly to help these women regain their long lost dignity. Begging and hoping for food becomes a thing of the past and they can go to sleep at night knowing someone out there sees and honours their deep value.


Empowering Women to live a Divine Feminine Life.

Our Mission, through coaching and private mentorship, is to inspire the hearts, empower the bodies, and to blaze new pathways in the minds of women throughout the world. We believe that the Divine Feminine, the Goddess Shakti, is present in each and every one of us, and that every woman has the birthright to live a Divine Life. We choose to live empowered by our connections to the Divine Feminine and to each other, and to reach out to those who may not see the power that sleeps within them, and awaken them. We seek to grow and empower our tribe of sisters so that we may fill our global community with brighter lights of elevated consciousness, “aligned in truth” actions, and powerful voices for generations to come.

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