Embrace the Feminine Way of Being…

Step into your Divine Feminine Presence

Love your Life!

Love your Business!

Hi, I’m Kaeleya.

I am a Metaphysician, an Intuitive Business Channel and a Communication Bridge for Divine Feminine Energy, for Goddess Shakti.

Phew! I know that’s a mouthful! Let me share more about why I do what I do and how I use these skills to help you gain the upper hand in business and in life.

Putting Women First

All of my life I have been focused on women, deeply desiring them to be wealthy, happy, respected and free.

Growing up, my parents taught me that many women didn’t have freedom of speech, access to an education or to a steady income…many women and their children’s voices were quieted, their Truth ignored…they often lived in struggle and fear…and many still do.

Getting It Done TOGETHER

My belief is that we are here to help all women thrive. And that when we rise up into our lives, into our Divine Feminine Presence, and we create success and wealth, we can help them rise too…so I have made my drive to empower women worldwide a focus in my business, and my way of succeeding in that drive is to see you succeed, to see you rise up, and truly live the life you came here to live…knowing that as you step up, you will bring others with you and the entire world will benefit from the blessings of your success.

I am on a mission to help women succeed, be happy, be free, and earn way more income with less stress and less struggle and with more love, ease, and joy.

Telling YOUR story and unlocking ALL YOUR UNIQUE POWER

I am here to help you connect with the Power of the Goddess Within, to transcend your stories, to liberate your mind from doubt and distractions and to unlock and use your key gifts and feminine energy like Spiritual Superpowers so that you can step into your fullest expression out into the world and stand powerfully in your amazing and beautiful Divine Feminine Presence.

Over the last 20 years of working with women, I have learned a great deal about works and what doesn’t. I have learned that unless you are deeply connected to why you are here, and standing in the power of your Divine Feminine Presence, it will be a struggle to move beyond the current level of consciousness that keeps you going in circles and missing out on huge opportunities that will positively transform your business and life.

You are being called to Unleash the Power of your
Divine Feminine Energy. It's Time.

Unleashing the Power of your Feminine Energy

When you unleash the power of your Feminine Energy and unlock your Spiritual Superpowers, you will activate your Divine Map to Success.

Your Divine Map helps you to stay steady, to know what to do next, and to be deeply connected to your own intuitive, clear and actionable plan for wealth and success. When you move through life this way, you rely on yourself at a whole new level…you begin, very quickly, to live in an empowered state with ease and confidence.

Coming from a place of empowerment, embracing the feminine way of being, helps take the guessing game out of making decisions that align with your highest truth. You will know what to do, and you will know how to take higher level actions that lead you on an accelerated path to your highest good, to more wealth and success that benefits all and to TRULY living the life you dream of living with Ease, Love and Joy.

You can help the world become a better place, earn a bigger income, make a bigger impact, and do so without forcing and pushing for the changes you seek.

Creating a New Journey

Down Deep, you know that in order for you to get from where you are to where you want to be, you are going to have to go through a deep internal shift. And you will need steady and clear support to make that shift into the BIGGER, BOLDER, more deeply SATISFIED woman that you know is calling you forward into so much more…

I founded Sacred Wealth Fempreneurs with the desire to help women, just like you, step into their Sovereign Self, to make the move to a more deeply satisfying life and way of being in business…to uncover their Key Gifts and help them to wield their gifts like Superpowers, and to fully claim self-mastery by activating their Divine Feminine Presence.

I see you living a deeply satisfying life, a Life Fully Expressed Out Into The World!, fully claiming your sacred power, and experiencing unlimited wealth, happiness and success.

You are being called to Unleash the Power of your
Divine Feminine Energy. It's Time.