I speak a lot about aligning your Vibrational Signature with your Sacred Presence with my clients … as business women who are Energy Sensitive Entrepreneurs, it’s really important.


There are a few reasons…
But most importantly,… it’s a place of deep business and life creation for Sacred Wealth, love, happiness, money, success, peace and satisfaction.

….your signature is always on. You are always emitting.

Light, sound, consciousness…vibration.

But have you ever felt like your vibe was OFF in your business? Like you were wearing a coat that was two sizes too small, or you just couldn’t lift yourself up into that Magic that YOU KNOW is who you truly are?

And you know, down deep, you are missing something. Like the path you are supposed to be taking is shrouded in fog or hidden from sight…

We know when we are out of tune. We know it. We can feel it.

It’s kind of like a radio, if you leave it on the static you can’t hear the music playing on the other stations…you can’t connect in with the sounds that lift you up which is the true magic of music.

And so you turn the channel, you tune the sound frequency until it fits, until it clicks into that AHH, that is it!

Your Sacred Presence is just like that amazing music that lifts you up and makes you want to SING!….it’s a gigantic receiver transmitter of light and love and sound…and so when you get off kilter, or you feel the static, you are just being SHOWN that you aren’t aligning to your Presence. That is all.

Your work here really is about getting into alignment and witnessing the path that leads you there..taking action and walking on it, living in it!

Aligning your deep juicy desires for love, happiness, money, success, peace with Your Sacred Wealth already living in your Sacred Presence.

Here’s the Love Piece of this….We are here to Connect. We are here to experience Life, Love, Others,Self, Magic, and Peace. That stream, that Presence…it never dies or dims.

Your work is really to love yourself through everything, FIERCELY…to pay attention knowing you are being supported to be here now in flow, …learn to follow your Intuition, listen to your voice beneath the conditioning, beneath the story.

That’s where Your Sacred Wealth Lives. Always. All Ways.

Your great gift to receive and deliver your Sacred Wealth comes through doing the work to align your signature with your Sacred Presence.

Everyone Wins.



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