Power Centers Are Being Activated in Spiritual Entrepreneurs.


There is an immense amount of energy for us to draw upon in these times of change.

We must choose wisely where we place our focus so that Fear does not take root in our minds and hearts…we must understand the responsibility of making this choice.

We are being given the power to Rise. To Rise Within, truly. To step into Sovereign Rule with our Selves.

What does this look like?

It looks like pure peace.

It means that we can stand up, no matter what, and know that we can hold ourselves steady.

It means that we have the ability to ASK our Fear to step into a conversation so that we can understand its drive and WORK WITH IT.

It also means we know when we are being pushed or pushing ourselves… and we know how to honour that push without joining in and getting caught up in the DOING DOING DOING… believing that if we just do more we will have more of what we desire.

It means that we can live our days free of a worried mind that drags us from one moment to the next fearing things that will never come to pass. Causing us to live HALF LIVES ignoring the precious moments of a sun rise, or the joy in our child’s laugh, missing out on opportunities to grow our businesses and earn more money with more love, more joy and more ease.

Most of all, it means that we can become close to ourselves, to being our own best friend, to being our strongest ally.

It means we can Awaken our Happiness and truly be in charge of our businesses and our success.

When we are rising up within, we are awakening a Sacred Voice, we are Awakening the voice of the Divine within us.

For most of us, that voice has not been honoured. She has been too radical in her requests…

She asks us to listen to the wind for guidance when we find only doubt in our minds…

…to take the time to listen to our hearts truth when we feel ourselves racing to find for a quick solution…

….she asks us to Deepen beyond the fear that fills our minds with struggle and distraction from what we truly came here to do.

As a woman in business, as a woman who is here to make a difference…there are going to be times that you must Transmute Fear…in fact it is important that you learn the skill of transmuting so that nothing stands in the way of your bringing your powerful work out into the world.

Because as you grow your business, you will be growing alongside. And you will be asked to push past comfort, transcend your stories, and bust your fears.

LIFE IS SO MUCH MORE FUN when you KNOW that you can transmute fear!

It is so empowering the moment you step through, and then the blessing lingers and ripples out into all areas of your life and business and suddenly you realize you are comfortably doing things you’d only ever dreamed of doing!

Each time I bust through, I find myself arriving at a new level of liberation. You cannot put a price tag on that. Freedom is the gift we receive from expanding beyond our calculated reach.

You are bigger and stronger than you may know. Stay Steady, Reach through fear into the experience you desire. XO

Here’s my process for transmuting fear:

  1. Identify the location of the fear. Where is it? Your head? Belly? Heart?
  2. Put your hands on your thighs to ground.
  3. Close your eyes and ask the fear what is the message it wishes to deliver?
  4. Honour the message and hold steady for the fear to be released and transmuted.
  5. Use White Light to surround the location of the fear.
  6. Say these words” I love and honour your desire to keep me safe and small and protected. We are safer together as I stand up taller into my life and reach beyond my current comfort zone into the new land we dream of experiencing.” Use the words that work for you or use what I have said above.
  7. Ask for Support from the Goddess, from Spirit. Listen and Take Action. Sometimes it is to drink some chamomile tea, or to take a walk, or a shower, drink some water or step into meditation.
  8. Know that EVERY MOMENT IS NEW. Every moment is fresh with new life and new magic.
    Know that you are a walking miracle of love and light, Human and Divine and you have the power to shift out of struggle and into peace at any time. It is just about learning to be a powerful chooser, and committing to the practice of choosing what you want to experience.

Hear and Drink Up These Words:

I am more powerful than I think I am and I access that new awareness now.

I have the power to heal my mind, and use it to superpower my business, my life and my happiness.

I am here on a Sacred Mission for Love and Light.

I have the power to Rise Up into my Mission and truly make a difference doing what I have come here to do.

Love love love and more Love!

If you find this blog useful feel free to share it and And Remember:

Love Yourself Fiercely through Everything!

Be Fiercely You,
With Love,
Kaeleya XO


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