So Why Do We do this RAH RAH thing??

I know that in business, we rah rah rah, alot. But there’s a reason for that. It’s not just because mindset matters, it’s because the energy we hold matters. Because the energy we hold creates an exchange, just like the inhale and exhale, we put out and we receive a match to the intention. It is the law. And the more we work the laws, the more we flow, the more successful we become with ease and joyfulness.

Diverting Attention

A lot of business women are struggling, and so we rah rah to cover cover. It’s true. Aand it’s ok, even tho it can feel like we are beating our heads against a wall trying to be heard and seen, trying to create change while smiling through the whole damn thing.

I see this at every financial level with my clients who step in to receiving clarity, direction and deep support, whether it be 5, 6 or 7 figure business owners.

Sacred Space To Speak Your Truth

It can get very lonely at the top without a Sacred Community.

When it doesn’t get ok is when you can’t share it, when you don’t feel safe speaking about it because well, who the hell do you speak your ‘things aren’t going as planned’ stuff to without the possibility of looking like you don’t know what you are doing.

It can get very lonely at the top.

And so we can remain, in a tight bud. and when we do, we remain, alone. it can feel like a never ending cycle.

I have said for a long time, women in business are stronger together. and yet I know many women haven’t really experienced that kind of togetherness, that space where the circle is sacred, where each woman deeply wants the best for each sister in the circle, and each woman knows that she can speak WITHOUT being judged, or criticized, or seen as less than through the trials of finding right aligned actions that create success and satisfying results.

You Are Being Helped To Find Your Way

There’s an old saying, you either believe the Universe is FOR you, or you believe the Universe is Against you. What you choose to believe…it will be right for you. That’s how that works.

Because that is all that is really happening. We are finding our way, it is who we are. We are determined, tenacious, and fuelled by our passion for change and, to succeed, to live life on our terms. We know that for that, to truly have that, we must earn well. I am calling that out right here.

Blessings Successes AND Failures

And those trials, those failures, they are being asked to be blessed and released, to serve as they are meant to serve, as stepping stones to having your desires show up real time, in the here and now.

One of the very best things I do is to ask the right questions to create change on the path of obstacles. and in doing so, I hold a space of trust, of sanctuary for my clients to speak all, to have it heard and held and blessed for release.

Working with Energy to Achieve Success

I have spent this last weekend feeling into those remaining spaces in my circles, and I can see some of you are waiting for the right invitation to connect with me and speak about what it is like to work together. About what it is like to work your energy in business, about the deep success and happiness that can truly happen for us when we gather the power of who we are and bring it to create financial success and happiness in our lives and business.

Cycles of Self Awareness and Old Action Patterns

I also see the cycles, the cycles that keep us connected to self awareness and disconnected from our true path.

Which by nature is a path of struggle. But it doesn’t have to be that way, it’s just a stepping stone to the shift being asked of you.

I see that disconnection sourced in aloneness, and even tho most of us reading this believe there is no separation, that we are truly all from One ,…we are also very human. And it is the human in us that desires that which the Divine already holds steady for us and yet relies so often on the reasoning mind to knock us off our path, telling us we don’t need to be in circle, we don’t need to invest in ourselves in that way, that we will get in trouble with ABC,…

CHANGE, we want it….we desire it, then why do we resist it?!

and then there’s the biggest one of all.

Change. We deeply desire it. and yet, with change, we must face where we are now and what we must do to get to where we want to be.

Do you know that this is why it is so often so very hard for a person to truly know what they want?

Because the path to that kind of clarity means facing it square on,

-what do I deeply desire that I do not currently have.

-why have I not already created what I desire.

-what will I have to let go of to have this desire.

Those three things. keep us. bound. in a tight bud.

but the bud wants to bloom if you will let her.


Bloom. Be Fully Held in the Bliss of asking for more, of allowing for more, of receiving more.

Sacred Sisterhood Circles

we are being asked to embody, to step in, to join together.

I believe this is the energy of the Sacred Sisterhood Circles. The Divine is holding arms wide open for change, for higher level creation, for joyfulness and for truly living life on your terms both financially and energetically.

I have four beautiful light filled seats, it is my honour to speak to you about whether one of them has your name on it.

I invite you to see what comes forward in communing voice to voice. Magic always occurs when we come closer and open the exchange.


When you Change, you Change the Exchange. And “The Exchange” is living forever and always in the natural dynamics of this world. Each thought and word creates an exchange, in the same way that when you put your lips to a glass of water, you receive the water, and it receives you. It’s like the way you feel when you hug someone you love and they receive the hug, there’s an exchange, or when you get clear about what you truly desire, and then you see the clear path show up for you, there’s an exchange. Make sense?

It simply is the way of being here. Inhale Exhale. Ask Receive. Ebb Flow. So ask for MORE and Be Ready to Receive More, it’s a state of being ready to receive what you have truly asked for.


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