Intuition in Business

Intuition in business is a definite success tool when used with your wisdom

It’s a definite success tool when used with your wisdom.

I say with your wisdom because our intuition can lead us in circles if we don’t develop it into a refined skill…

Do you ever feel the power of who you are calling you to stand up and sing out as hard and as loud as you can because you know now is your time? And yet in the yes is the body’s reaction to stay small and quiet to be sure you have clearly intuited the path ahead, to be sure you are right and have not missed a clue that something is amiss and that danger lies ahead for you or your family?

My friend and Coach Todd Herman said something to a group of us last year that often stands out in my mind,…‘Women are much better at running businesses than men but nobody talks about it. You know why? They are using their intuition.’

I agree. Many of us are succeeding because we are using our intuitive skills to assist in running our businesses.

And yet, we must be develop the ability to choose beyond ‘the intuitive radar’ that holds us back in safety and commit to connecting into our Fierce Wise Woman that drives us forward into positive change and growth.

We are being taught that we must use our wisdom alongside our intuition, and without our fierce nature for fuel, we can sit for years and years on ideas, products and services that would otherwise be life changing not only for our own success but for the benefit and success of others.

Each time one of us stands up and fiercely claims our path, another woman is supported in doing the same. You may be surprised at who is watching and benefitting from you. I can’t tell you how many times I have been shocked to hear someone say, you are my hero, or your story gave me the courage I was looking for, or I stood up because I knew I mattered, that my contribution mattered.

It’s happened for me too, these women have long inspired me, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Maya Angelou, Emily Murphy, my own mother who inspired me daily to speak my truth and be true to My Self…and so many more women who have stood up as Changemakers in this world we live in today.

We have what it takes. We know that. We have a message to deliver by being present and forward. We know that too.

And yet, at times, the old down deep in our bones fear can creep in and remind us that not long ago, it wasn’t safe to show our power…we weren’t supported to step in and create transformation from the root to the crown, we weren’t respected in our desire to lead others into a new way of thinking and being in their lives. But here we are, …we will always have the choice to do something greater than what we believe we are capable of doing.


Being fiercely connected to our WHY.

And showing up for that why over and over and over again.

You Have To Show Up

Underneath the surface of our daily go here, drive there, do that, get that done, are pulls and pushes and drives and desires and wishes and all in the all of that is real questions that come when we listen… ‘what can I do and how do I CHANGE THIS WORLD I am a part of??!!!!’

You know that voice…the steady YES YOU CAN that is so often buried under the voice of ‘reason’, of don’t rock the boat, don’t get pushed out and don’t be exposed.

The voice that calls to you when other women who don’t see their own Brilliance, Beauty and Light project on to you their own shit, fear and limitations…and cover that in an attempt to rescue you from ‘damaging your life and creating havoc’ by Living Life ALL IN.

What will happen? Life and liberation will occur. Freedom from the fear of maintaining what we have while we try to create a bigger life. Now how does staying small in maintenance and creating big work exactly?

Heavy risk management. That is how that happens. And it happens at a snails pace full of missed opportunities to live and be in the truth of what calls you forward.

When did we give up our own paths to appease the paths of others? When did we become so willing to say yes to others and no to ourselves?

That quiet whisper is becoming a roar yes?

You are not alone.

How do I know?

I feel the rising in my body, all the way down to my bones…I see it my clients, I see them casting aside the circle of constraint, of doing what is expected, of being ‘in their place’, I see them being BOLD and LOUD…I see them asking for more and going within to create the path instead of waiting for a Yes from someone or somewhere out there…

I feel the rising of a world asking for more from those of us who will stand up and stand in a Sacred Circle, from those of us who are willing to stay steady and lead our businesses in a more intuitive way, with our wisdom and our Fierceness, where the blessings are felt by many…of going back to the old ways of being with women…in Sacred Sisterhood.

This circle? The Sacred Sisterhood Circle…the old ways being brought forward into these new days ahead to create the world many of us dream of…

A world where women are respected deeply in leadership all over this world.
A world where women in business thrive with their wisdom and intuition fully expressed all over this world.
A world where men and women can consciously collaborate and work together for the highest good…all around this globe…in countries large and small, in big cities and small towns, in large halls and small rooms…in our own homes…all over this world.

This is a world that starts with you.

It starts in your own mind. It starts with how you think about you and what you are capable of bringing into the world through your business.

“it’s such a dance to come out. out of hiding. out of the deep and beautiful shares that are being downloaded to many of us. we are being given the gift and the task to create a tip in consciousness. if you use this perspective to see, you will see how close you are to doing what you came here to do. you are right there. and that is all in the all of all that is. stand up, shake it off, love and love and love on you. take a break. listen. receive. and perhaps, more light surrounding you when you go on to live share. you’ve got this.”

So my call to action for you is to stand up. To believe in yourself more deeply than anyone else ever has. To get crystal clear with your WHY ARE YOU HERE AND WHAT HAVE YOU COME TO DO? And then, go do it.

I send my blessings to you, to your mind and your soul, to your body and your heart,
Yes, You Can.

All my love,


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