Hello Gorgeous Divine Woman!

Oh, it’s that time of year again! PARTIES!!!

Love and Love and sometimes… Loathe! Yes?

Do you ever find the Loathe sets in when you are prepping for the Holiday Party you said you’d go to? All with the energy wiggles showing up in your body, and you become less and less sure that going is going to be good for you and then, you start creating an Exit the Party plan before you even arrive! So even if you do go, you aren’t really there.

The drama dread has officially shown up. I call it that, Drama Dread. Because, well, it’s like a Drama Festival in my body, and then it begins to feel like Dread in my head!

Here’s a sample of how the conversation goes:
I want to go, I don’t want to go, I CAN go, I am not sure it’s going to be good to go, I really want to have fun! but my body doesn’t feel right about going! Hmmm, maybe I just shouldn’t go or if I do, I won’t go for long.


Here’s the thing.

Life is calling you woman.
Love, it’s calling.
And it’s found in those Holiday Parties. Uh huh.

…Did I mention you are a Powerful Goddess in charge of your life?

As a Powerful Goddess, you literally have a Love Switch living in your body.

When you make it YOUR choice to flip that Love Switch on in the middle of a loathing festive feast of Drama Dread, you will liberate yourself in ways you can not even begin to imagine.

When you can flip that switch at will, Empowerment begins to live with you in your life 24/7, because you will know,…

You have the power to choose Love over Loathing.

And when you KNOW you have access to that power, your world begins to glow and shimmer like a Magical Dance of Starlight and Cosmic Candy… what’s more… you will begin to see the truth of what’s really possible for you and your dreams.

A shift occurs.

All of this by saying yes to a Holiday Party?!

Holiday Parties are just another entrance to creating the life of freedom you seek.

Holiday Parties are just another opportunity to practice switching on that Love Switch.

Bottom line. The more you know how to shift into Love, the happier, the more powerful, and the more deeply joyful you will be.

You will be Free to Choose Your Life from Love not Loathing.

There’s something incredibly liberating and delicious about living life for the joy of the moment, choosing from Love not Loathing… sans the trappings of Must Attend because they’re expecting me, or because we go every year, or well there’s nothing else going on that night so we might as well go… that’s all code for Loathing.

Before I go any further,.. I have discovered that sometimes, when I REALLY don’t want to go to a party that I said I would attend, I end up having an amazing time and some pristine and profound experience shows up in the mix.

So how do we know when to go and when to say no?

That’s the thing… it’s a beautiful thing too…we are creating… in every moment.

I am taking this opportunity to remind you about the truth of your Gorgeous Power.

You are an uber magnificent creator, I know you’ve heard me say that before. Has it sunk in yet?

We, I, All, You are creating, from the Sea of Infinite Potentiality, in every moment. No matter what time of year, no matter where you are, no matter who you are with.

SO! If you say, wait, that party could be hella boring or stuffy or worse, OVER the Top with GLEEFILLED joy makers ( hey let’s be honest, I love joy craziness, but sometimes it’s sooo damn sweet it’s like thick syrupy goo, and sometimes I want to be in the energy of Warrioress Athena, and not so much in Kali’s Love Field!)…

BUT… if in the same moment of having that thought, and another thought: Hmmm, WHO KNOWS what it’s really going to be like? you’ve stepped into a powerful center of cosmic attraction… and stepped out of the life sucking “I have to know to go” mode.

You know that one? “If it doesn’t feel right, I am not going.” Look, you might be shaking your head at me right now saying WHAT happened to you, Kaeleya? I thought you were the righteous woman’s voice for, HELL NO, if you don’t feel right, Don’t Go!
I am, yes. And there’s an AND…

And, here’s what I’ve discovered in this last year. I am really, and I mean really, over trying to control things that A) are not in my control. B) don’t need to be controlled. And C) are literally about to, when left to the Magic of Life, fall into place, a Divine Yummy Juicy Place, a place that my intuitive radar hasn’t picked up on yet.

And here’s something else I learned this year…

When I rely on Love, Light shows me the way. And then I always know, whether to stay or go!

Check out the ritual below, it’s a powerful way to enter any gathering, at any time of year.

Here’s the Holiday Ritual I promised. It’s a super powerful and easy ritual for every Holiday Party you go to!

Holiday Party Ritual, Prepping the Love Switch

  1. Shower. Take the time to shower before you go and as soon as you get home! Clear the energy field, and pump up those receptors with the Magic of H2O! Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
  2. Align your body to the Goddess Within and Imprint your Power Center with Her. Here’s the quick breakdown: Lie down. Knees bent. Hands on belly, in between your two hip bones, close to your pubic bone. Feel the power of the Goddess Within you. Feel HER. Feel Her. She Is YOU. Breathe and open to the knowledge, and to the connection. Know She is always there. Know that You Are The Goddess.
  3. Open your heart to the highest good with a deep breath into your heart center. Go as a Light. A Gorgeous Divine Love Light. When you shine out like this, everyone wins. EVERYONE. And, you get to stay supercharged and grounded. Think Lighthouse. Grounded in Light.
  4. Before you walk into the party, pull your shoulders back and down. Chin up. Smile and take a deep breath.

Here’s what I want you to know, down in your guts.

You are in charge. And when you feel like you are not in charge, you can shift that. Read that line again.

My heart is with you, I wish you all that you deeply desire, all the Magic and the Light that you wish to shine on your life…I wish for that for you in the highest good.

Take Every Opportunity to Love the Self, to move closer to the Divine, to the Goddess Within,
All my love,
Kaeleya XO

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