Many of us feel the Goddess Uprising, the Divine Feminine Within Awakening us…


I believe that Spiritual Business Women are being awakened because they are here to change the world, and create wealth and money with so much more ease, love and joy!

You are being awakened into your beauty and your power so that you can create success and wealth in your business and in your life and bring the blessings of your truth and your work out into the world.

What do we mean “The Divine Feminine Awakening”?

In each woman lives the Divine Feminine, the Goddess. For many years she has been supporting us as we moved through our lives, coming to us when we called upon her.

Now, she is calling upon us.

She is calling upon You.

And she is having to wake you up out of your slumber so that you can hear her and take action.

This can make us wonder WHO AM I? I feel different, I don’t know who I am, I don’t feel my boundaries or my edges. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Yes, I know! I have been there!!

Breathe. Drop in. When you check in, you will discover, nothing is wrong. You are simply growing out of your old consciousness and into the new consciousness that you MUST LIVE IN to do what you came here to do, to be who you came here to be!

The Goddess of Wealth…She’s gentle and fierce. She is a warrior. And she stands for love, for compassion, for wealth, and abundance, for prosperity, for flow and success in all aspects of our lives.

She is the voice within that asks us to soften our eyes, to see our beauty and grace when we look in the mirror, to cast aside the judgement we may have on our bodies, our choices, and our current circumstances.

She asks us to speak our truth. And to honour our natural cycles of desire, for rest, for deep community with other women, for celebration, and for passionately driven actions.

She also asks that we annihilate negative thought, the shoulds, the regrets, the inner bully, the fear, the doubts and the comparisons with other women.

What to watch for….

You may find yourself struggling to maintain your status quo. To hide your feelings under a mask.

You may struggle to sleep at night. Or struggle to keep quiet when someone disrespects you or another.

Your business may suddenly feel restrictive. Your relationships, to others, and to Your Own Self may feel tight and limiting. Like you want to BREAK FREE!

Things that you had pushed aside, parts of yourself that you have ignored may come to the surface, asking to be honoured, and to be loved, to perhaps be blessed as you release them.

You may feel itchy, antsy, impatient, ferocious, determined, and on fire! Yes, all of these things…they are waking you up Goddess!!!

How to make it make sense?

Listen. Breathe. Allow yourself to expand into a deeper way of being here. This is truly what is going on.

Think about it for a moment. How many women and their children are suffering? Hungry and cold, scared of what tomorrow will bring. Living in cars? Living in homes where they are not respected? Where they are being beaten if they step out of line, whether verbally, emotionally or physically. How many women are working in businesses where they are being treated unfairly, being unrecognized for their powerful gifts or hiding their gifts for fear of judgement and shame? How many of us live in a cycle of blame, shame, guilt, and regret? Worrying about what has been done, about what others will think, about the confrontations we will experience if we refuse to accept the way things have been and the way things are?

This cannot continue.

This energy is being challenged by the Goddess WITHIN YOU. When we rise, we rise for all women. When we rise, we help all the women to rise with us.

And so we are being asked to lead. Differently.

With our knowledge of our power, our beauty and our grace, with transparency, honesty and integrity. Fiercely.

To abolish, to annihilate, to relinquish the old stories that we have submitted to, that we have embraced as our truth about how capable we are, how strong we are, about the power in our ability to have deep emotions and deep desire.

We are no longer willing to be robots who say yes when we want to scream NO. or stay quiet when we know the solution is to take action. We are no longer willing to be separate from one another even when we have experienced jealousy, comparing, mean spirited words, and deception from our wounded sisters… we are all being asked to rise together. To forgive and move on.

We are no longer willing to play small. We have called out into the night, we have asked for help, for more, for solutions, for clarity, for courage. And so the Goddess has answered, she is rising up within us, knowing that when we learn how to stand, when we discover the truth and remember who we are, that we will truly rise above the stories, the cycles and our circumstances.

How to directly work with the Goddess…

Find an image or a statue of the Goddess of Wealth and bring her to your home or to your altar. Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth. Shine light on her. Connect with her. Ask for her support.

Commit to developing a relationship with her, and call upon her often to help you to rise up into the woman you dream of being, the woman in you that is already alive and asking to be merged with and honoured, so that you PRACTICE being this woman you dream of being.

Who is the Goddess Within? Fierce? Fearless? An activist? A public speaker? A Leader of women and men? A sacred teacher of love? Discover who the women is that you deeply desire to be and BE HER. Ask for deep support from the Goddess as you step into that woman.

Keep your house clean! This is so important. Tidy, clean.

Look at the things in your house, would the Goddess have this in her home? Is it old and outworn? Bless and release.

Look at your wardrobe. Are you dressing like the woman you want to be? Let go of the old pieces and bring in the new. This is so important also.

Your feet. Yes! Tend to your feet. Keep them well manicured, and wear shoes that align you to your inner Goddess.

Practice Thinking like the Goddess of Wealth. Be abundant in your giving, share your heart, your love and your time. See others succeeding in their efforts. Celebrate the success of others. See yourself as highly abundant, as prosperous, as having more than enough. BE in the energy of the Goddess. Know your immense worth. Your beauty and your Grace. Let nothing turn you away from knowing this with all of your being. You are beauty. You are Grace. You are the Goddess.

To wrap up:

you are on this journey on purpose, meant to awaken for a purpose.

You are being awoken, so that you can do what you came her to do and be who you came here to be.
to speak your truth.
honour your natural cycles of desire, for rest, for deep community with other women, for celebration, and for passionately driven actions.

Watch out for feelings of an identity crisis, of feeling so expansive you can’t quite feel yourself. This is the Goddess rising up within you. Changing YOU, your consciousness.

Why is this happening? Change is upon us. We must change inorder to create the world we dream of. We must change within to truly Be the change we seek. She is helping us Be the Change by helping us to see with new eyes, and respond with a strong mind and body…to see how truly powerful we are.

How to work with the Goddess of Wealth?
Invite her into your life! Having an image is crucial. Connect with her as a living being. Feel her, call her, and allow her into your life and your business.

I wish you many blessings on your journey,
With love,
Kaeleya XXO


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