When we are Energy Sensitive Entrepreneurs, Empaths, Light Workers, Energy Workers, Heart Centred Leaders, we know the truth…

We, each and every one of us, are energetic structures…

…and we know that we, as women, are connected to the power of the Divine Feminine Energy that lives in every stone, every tree, every river, and every fire…

…and we can access Her when we honour our gifts and accept two things…

We are Catalyzers for positive change.

AND…We are responsible for our own empowerment.

When I first heard of Catalyzers in Jamie Sam’s Sacred Path book…I had just come through another initiation…

…and every word I read was taken in like a long nourishing drink of confirmation, …that I had deep support- I was being reminded that I wasn’t alone (again), and the recognition that I was being intentionally shown, that I was being heard, loud and clear…

My own intentions written and spoken, prayed upon, visions seen and held in my quiet simple office in the woods….those words had been heard…and they had been woven through the golden threads and brought back to through words I could hear like a whisper on the wind, and through the heart openings through the Mother Tree who beckoned me to touch her, to stand on her roots and give my sorrows, my fears, my worries over to her…

…so that I could truly be here, and so that I could LISTEN and TAKE ACTIONS that were aligned with my dreams.

Once again, I knew…

I am NOT alone in this journey to bring the wisdom of the Mother, the energy of the Divine Feminine, out into the world of business. And neither are YOU.

But you must actively and consciously open the channel to access your intuition and to work with the Divine Feminine.

When you open the channel to your Intuition and the Divine Feminine your business and your life you will start to shift right before your eyes, I have experienced this first hand and seen it happen real time for my clients.

Physical changes begin to occur…You will start to see your beauty, and literally become more beautiful to yourself and to others because the Light shines so powerfully from your eyes and your spirit.

In my coaching company with clients, I have seen the years of struggle and worry melt away from a woman’s face when we step in and claim our deep connection to Shakti, Goddess Energy.

Other natural byproducts of working with the Divine Feminine are powerful creation abilities in your business,…

When you align to the Divine Feminine you access your BELIEF IN YOUR POWERFUL SELF.

The core energy of your relationships shift into Integrity, compassion, connection, respect and you actively experience and see Flow, Containment, Acceleration, Insight, Right Actions, High Perspective, Grace and Ease…

You step into alignment with Who You Are.

A Divine Feminine Entrepreneur

…when you work in the Divine Feminine, you literally begin to weave the sacred practices of the Divine.

You upgrade your actions, thoughts, words and choices…and you literally flow that energy out into all of your business relationships…your team, your clients and customers, your vendors and your partnerships.

When we bring this knowledge and this power into our businesses, we create a huge advantage…. not only can we access our Feminine Energy and our Divine Mind AKA intuition, but we will believe in the guidance we hear and actually follow the actions we are advised to take.

Follow these four simple steps each day to connect into the Divine Feminine and the Divine Mind:

“Open to Aligned Action Method” created by Kaeleya Rayne (Short Version)

  1. Open. Open your heart and mind using your breath and a triangle position with your feet and hands above your head.
  2. Ask. Ask with clarity from a deep connection with your desire. (hint, get clear on what you want to ask before you begin this process!)
  3. Listen and Receive. Take the time to listen throughout the day, sometimes the answers come immediately, and sometimes we need to sleep on things. Allow for the information to reach you and bubble up into your awareness. It will come.
  4. Take Aligned Actions. This is key! Take the action. After you practice this a few times, you will begin to see the power of the process and the acceleration that comes from taking action received from your connection to the Divine.

…AND feel free to share this process with every Energy Sensitive Entrepreneur you know.

Remember: Love Yourself Through Everything!

Be Fiercely You,
Kaeleya XO


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