We are holding the heartbeat of the world in our awareness of what is truly possible for this planet.

The biggest challenge many Energy Sensitive Entrepreneurs face is the REFRAME on the intensity of living life on TEN.

Of being able to take the natural connections that can feel like being hyper aware of others, of thoughts, feelings, sounds, light, touch, of the Divine and the Magic that is woven into and through every being, every tree, every stone and every stream on this planet..and shift that awareness as all happening for you, in your favour.

After coaching women who are energy sensitive for 20 years, and being one myself, I have come to learn the challenge and the power of the Reframe AND I have uncovered why we have these experiences and what is truly going on…

Why is it so intense to be an Energy Sensitive Entrepreneur?

We are feeling the immense power of our own Sacred Presence.

When we are energy sensitive, we are so close to life, and to ourselves, we can literally feel our own Sacred Presence. This in itself can be incredibly overwhelming…unless we learn to work with it….unless we learn its true purpose and work with our connections as a blessing not a burden.

We can feel the heartbeat of the world in our awareness.

We are here to create change. We are literally change makers and planet healers.

I know, from experience with myself and with many others, that if we can reframe and understand why we are wired in this way, we can harness the power of our gifts and use them as they are meant to be used…

To create powerful change.

To use your sensitivities like superpowers to leverage your businesses, to create Sacred Wealth and Success and a business that you can fall in love with and USE as a platform for the full expression of your powerful work out into the world.

If you think about the sensitivities you experience as superpowers, as a bridge to awareness, you will feel the power of your gifts and they will literally shift from burdens to blessings.

You will realize in that instant that they are happening FOR YOU TO SUCCEED and follow your true path and NOT happening TO YOU because there is something wrong with you.

You are not broken. Really. Truly. You are actually a bridge for the next level of awareness that will create the changes this planet and her inhabitants are asking for…

Conscious Connection to Sacred Presence.

This planet is asking for a Conscious TIP, a SHIFT from where we are now to a much higher way of listening, and being with each other and ourselves.

This Conscious TIP will be created through business owners just like you.

Love yourself FIERCELY through all of this knowing, hold yourself in love as you listen and give yourself the expansion your energy, your Sacred Presence, is truly asking from you so that you can take the aligned actions that will lead you firmly onto your path.

You are designed for this!

With love and blessings,


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