There’s a new way of doing business…


Women in Business, Soulful, Spiritual Women in Business, Energy Sensitive Entrepreneurs…
The healers, the empaths, sensitives, the seers, the dreamers, the whisperers and the energy workers… our way of being in business is changing…

WE are NO Longer willing to get caught up trying to be men in our businesses.

We are no longer willing to ignore how we feel to get something done.
To ignore the cycles of the moon, our emotions, our call to be quiet or LOUD, our call to be transparent, authentic, compassionate and inclusive.

We are no longer willing to ignore our fierce way and we are, now more than ever, determined to show up, stand up and make a true freaking difference in this world by disrupting the ‘way of things’.

Here’s the trick. It’s a beautiful thing. Our way is not male. It isn’t.

One of the most powerful ways a woman can stand in her own life is to let go of hiding who she is, stop being willing to be contained, domiciled, quieted down, in line, unemotional, dispassionate in the name of business, of getting things done, of keeping the status quo.

Before we go any further, the work I am speaking about here today, it will change your business.

Doing this work is the difference between fumbling around in the dark, stubbing your toe, tripping over the chair, and walking around blind in your business year in year out and being able to step confidently into your business each and every day with the LIGHT ON.

That is what happens when you face your Truth head on. With love.

Honour your Feminine Way.

I will show you the first steps here to getting into alignment with your power-which lives in your true desire…

Please know…
Our fierceness, it comes with a huge serving of IMMENSE Feminine Power.

Our voices boom and resonate with the Goddess standing INSIDE OF US.

Big breath on all of this yes?

Running a FEMININE BUSINESS means getting down deeper into your desires….
…below the conscious mind

If you caught me on FB Live last week, we spoke about the way to have the business you dream of… to be fully abundant and in charge… to be doing Feminine Business not Busyness.

We spoke about the hidden desires, and the hidden beliefs that are so often not conscious… until they are illuminated and worked with.

As my teacher Dr. Pillai says his teacher taught him, “Water the root and you will enjoy the fruit.”


When we work with surface conscious beliefs, we don’t get very far. We get frustrated.

We see how hard we work in our business, we do everything that we are being asked to do, and nothing seems to flow… we vision, we focus, and hold abundant thought. And yet… nothing shifts…


We find ourselves just NOT doing the things we know we should do to complete, to stay on track and to take the business next level with ease.

Either way, nothing is shifting because down deep, we aren’t in alignment with the conscious desires that we are focusing our time and attention on.

If you are getting results that are not a match for what you say you want…

Your TRUTH is not a match for your conscious desires.


Your down deep focus is what I call your vibrational signature.

And that signature is so fricken beautiful!!! AND it also, will outpicture your sticking points for you all over your business!

What do I mean by outpicture? PS.. this is not your typical, law of attraction belief system convo.

It means that what you are picturing, focusing on, dreaming about down deep inside, is being pictured on the outside, in your physical reality.
Over the years, you have collected and added on to your core vibration the things that stick you, that keep you in slow motion and out of flow motion.

True Success is not about just consciously focusing your thought. It’s what is going on way down deep inside. Your core thoughts, your core focus… that’s where the power is to create change.


You’ve heard me say so many times, this is all a journey!!
It’s all a healing platform… business, love, marriage, parenting, self connection, it is all a way to be who we are, to be deeply abundant and to experience a higher level of thought and embodiment.

So think about that for a minute.

Everything is leading you to a higher place of beingness. If you are here reading this blog, my bet is that you are a soulful spiritual business woman or an Energy Sensitive Entrepreneur.

And if that is the case, then you are actually wired to lead with higher vibrational embodiment. What do I mean by that?

I mean you are here for a bigger reason that transcends getting caught up in busyness… you are here to bring the Divine Feminine into the world of business…
That means more money with more ease, more deep support, more play, more impact and it means helping ALOT more people than you are currently able to help.

It means that you are wired to transcend the negative catchings of the human race thought.

It’s why you might struggle so damn hard, because you are pulling away and upleveling.

It takes velocity, fuel, and perseverance at a whole other level.

But please know and better yet, feel, that you are here to expand and evolve.

Know that as you evolve, others expand and evolve with you.

So I promised that this week we would take a look at what wants to be uncovered, at what wants to be illuminated underneath the resistance to stepping up and stepping in and giving yourself what you really want and need to thrive, be in deep peace, and have the life you want to have.

Yup, there’s a resistance to giving yourself what you want. Or at least what you consciously want. And those magically and helpfully show up as sticking points! It’s like big signs saying, hello, over here!! Take a look, this is where you are getting caught up!

So let’s take a look at the sticking points, the ones that trip you up… and see the connection to the outpicturing master you really are…

So as an outpicturing master you are without doubt, at all times, incredibly powerful. I mean it. And when you aren’t living what you envisioned for yourself, when you find yourself fed up, crazy frustrated, sad, and anxious….

There’s a solution that is present to change that.

But first, we need to look at the truth. Only then can we stop putting bandaids on our lives and our businesses. Are you tired of that? Hell YES, Right?

Bandaids don’t really create momentum, they just cover the wound so it doesn’t fester and take you out.

But that’s not thriving. That’s coping. That’s just making it by.

You are worth WAY more than that! Life is precious! So Are You!

So let’s take a look…if you have something you would like my help to work through right now, then post it in the comments and we can do that right here and now.

This work is about running a feminine business that is yours all yours…

The first place to start is connecting in with the deeper desires, beyond the shoulds, the shiny stuff, the I want to earn 7 figures, …down way deeper than that… going down into that quiet voice who is an incredibly powerful director behind the scenes.

Let’s take a look at what you really really want, not consciously, but down deep-the desire that is outpicturing-

I will walk you through a process so you can get to the root and create true change.


If you are in, for the next 7 days, I would lIke you to do a practice. It is going to take some commitment and focus.
Each morning,and each night you will do something I call the Juicy.

This is a four step process, I use it in many forms in my business.

Think of a triangle with the long base on the bottom.
The top point is OPEN.
Down the right side, ASK.
Across the bottom, LISTEN.
Up the left side to the top, TAKE ACTION

Breaking down the practices in detail…

Morning session:

First create the opening
This is where you connect into the body, and go way down into communication with that voice.
Hands on belly, before you get up.
And just feel your breath under your hands, moving your belly up and down.
Put a smile on your face to create an open channel.

Then ask 3 questions:
Why are you here?
What do you wish to create?
How do you want to spend your time?

At first, you may hear nothing. That’s ok! This is like an unpeeling of an onion kind of deal!! You’ve been protecting that area for so long, just let it unfold naturally.

Then practice…
Listening. Listen, and be there in the quiet, or the cascade of information and everything in between.

Then take action…
Take action from that place of connection. Even if you didn’t get clear info, just be inthe connection as you move through your day remembering what you did that morning.

Evening Session:
At night, when you go to bed, it’s the same process exactly except that you shift the action into dreaming.

So the fourth step, the action step, is to envision the action into your dreamtime.

Allow yourself to really enjoy it and feel nourished and deeply supported by it.

I highly suggest journaling through this. So each day, at anytime of day, journal…and best if possible, is right after the fourth step.

Taking a look at what’s outpicturing.
Simple process, again do this for the next 7 days.

Start the business day, takes about 10-15 mins-IT WILL EARN YOU MORE MONEY, MORE CLARITY AND MORE FLOW!

What do I desire
What do I want to see
How do I want to feel
What am I seeing
What am I feeling?

Take a look at those last two answers. You may see a match or not. Go deeper into those two questions and follow them, what do they tell you about what you really want?

If you know and feel the truth of your power to create your experiences here, then look the truth in the eye.

What are you creating as an experience?

And then ask the big question..
What am I trying to give myself in this experience?

I have been in business as an entrepreneur for 20 years. Growing up, I had alot of abundance which transferred into my business energetically. My father, in many ways, was like a generous king in my eyes. When I married, even tho I am an avowed feminist and love love love business and to earn well… my income dropped!!! Why?? I did the work and discovered that down deep, I wanted my husband to be my King, and to take care of me financially. So I did the work, and moved through so that I could match my vibrational signature to my conscious desires….I found a way to be me, to be feminine, in my business and to earn really powerfully in the way that I really wanted to earn….with love, joy and ease!

I am here for you if you need help going deeper into your Truth. One of my key gifts is to go into my business clients field and uncover what is hidden and then illuminate that so they can be free to be prosperous, peaceful and empowered without any hidden sticking points tripping them up!

Remember to Love Yourself Fiercely through every step,

All my love,


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