How do we stay grounded into the Earth so that we can maintain our connection to our truest selves?

Energy Sensitive Entrepreneurs, Empaths, Light Workers, Energy Workers, Healers…

You MUST MUST MUST…Choose your energy partners and your inner circle wisely…


You know the old saying…”You are the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time around”? I never really liked that saying!

How about, “You have to be highly aware of the people you are around, period”?

Both in your business and in your personal life….

We soak up, feel, embrace, engage, hear, know, see, listen, whisper.

Many of us know about this…we’ve felt the press, the push, the inner struggle to honour our natural drive to expand, lighten, heal, and grow when we spend time with others who want to stay status quo and aren’t really keen on self awareness and doing what it takes to create change and sacred wealth.

We can be super strong. We can guard against. We can shield.

In truth, pushback strengthens us. No question.

But, to have pushback be the way we live, day in and day out, it’s exhausting and distracting just trying to manage all the leaks and discomfort- having said that, some of us choose the pushback because we know it, and it keeps us grounded in what we know.

But we have to break free of the game of push and pull if we are to step into the shoes that are waiting for us, the ones that carry us to new horizons and new heights.

How about playing a different game for your business and your life? One that feels good and is on your terms?

Courage is required! Yes! And have a strong DAILY practiced grounding practice is absolutely KEY to stepping into the shoes that are ready to travel into the next levels of business, life, happiness, wealth and freedom.

When we speak of being grounded…we think of being connected to Mother Earth. We know that when we ground we feel deep peace, almost instantly. Of course, we are meant to walk barefoot or with coverings that are receivers from the earth…not synthetics or rubber!

Here are four simple rituals to stay grounded into Mother Earth:

  1. Barefoot walking outside on the earth whenever possible! When we touch skin to skin, barefoot to earth, we discharge our bodies from the energy that gets clogged and locked in our bodies through our modern day lives of driving in cars with rubber tires, walking in shoes with rubber soles, and working in buildings that are many floors up off the ground. If you can’t barefoot it, check into buying shoes with soft leather soles, there are alot of grounding shoes out there that suit everyone’s taste. Don’t go without getting your feet connected to the earth. Make it a priority.
  2. Hands on earth. Now if you live in a place with four seasons like I do, barefoot just isn’t going to work for quite a few months of the year. And so, you can, with great success, just put your hands on the soil OR on the stones outside your home. Skin to skin is best but if you have leather gloves this works too!
  3. Hug a Tree. YES! One of my very favourite things to do!!! Skin to skin, so when it’s Cold, I take off my gloves and go skin to skin that way. Find the way that works for you. But seriously, I highly recommend wrapping your arms around a tree and even better, one that calls you to her.
  4. Hands on Stones. I have been a Stone collector since I was about 5!!! It hasn’t stopped! I still to this day have 11 stones on my desk and a handful of crystals. Rose quartz, clear quartz, flourite, jade, and some agate and hematite in my pocket. They speak to me and I love them! There is so much magic in stones, take the time to look at the stones on your property or when you are outside in nature and see if one calls to you. If you find you wish to keep, Always Ask, Can I take you with me or would you like to stay here?

If you take one, some like to leave an offering, in some traditions you would leave tobacco, or plant something, but I also feel if you say a blessing over the earth and give deep thanks, She hears you. Whatever you do, don’t miss the giving thanks part of this ritual. It’s important.

Each day, every day, ground out your energy. It will change your life. We are meant to be grounded, all the time. Bare skin to bare earth. Sleeping, walking, eating, dancing…losing our ground connection has caused a great deal of distress in this world…lost sense of support, of self, and the simple truth of living with energy that gets bottled up and has no way to discharge!!

Ground. Every Day. You will LOVE the results as a business woman on a mission! You will remember with even more ease, you are never alone.

Blessings for your journey.

Remember: Love Yourself Through Everything!

Be Fiercely You,
Kaeleya XO


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