As Women, we have a Sacred Journey to Dance with our Power.

So often, because we love to receive, it feels so good, and is in our nature to experience both deep receiving and giving..

…we will submit. And we will step into the shoes of disempowerment. Attempting to give our power away to the one who is threatened by it. Church. Mate. Sisters. Mothers. Peers.

We can even attempt to give away our power to our clients, even tho they have not asked for this from us.

And yet, because we are Sacred, we cannot truly give our power away.

We can only give away our Authority.

And so we begin to fight, with our Sacred Selves as to the way to receiving what we deeply desire…

The Power and the FREEDOM to Create Change and Live the Life We Dream of Living.

See the Process Below and my own real time step by step example to work it through.

It is said that we have the power to create change, and I myself, have seen this to be true.

But it is never found in the hands of another, only within the Self and your Co Creation with the Divine Feminine Power that is you, Shakti, Goddess Energy.

We are faced with the realization that we cannot truly submit to another and maintain our flow and our happiness. And yet, when we stand strong in who we are,while there are those who CELEBRATE this with you!,…there are those who will resist, and try to put us down ‘into our place’….but what they are really doing is trying to bring you down to their disempowered state.

Do not fall into this trap.

Love yourself out of it. And have perspective and compassion for the other’s journey.

As Energy Sensitives, Empaths, Light Workers, who are entrepreneurs…we are used to creating magic and change for our clients with our key gifts and skills. It is a well worn path we have walked many times and it holds a great deal of energy for us to connect into for our faith and belief in our work.

But when it comes to our personal relationships and our businesses, well, the game of life has to be played differently.

Have you ever had the feeling you were speaking into the wind? Not the kind of wind where your voice carries and is deeply received, but the kind that blew back at your face and so no one heard a word you were saying?

No matter how hard you yelled, asked, pleaded, begged, no real change occurred?

It’s a story I have uncovered that many of us have.

The story of the Unheard.

But this isn’t the only Story we carry as women. In each energy center we carry a Story that either aligns with the true flow and power of that center or inhibits it from operating as it is meant to.

The tricky piece is these stories show up in all kinds of places…like in our businesses, with our kids, in our intimate relationships and in our own bodies…

The BEST piece is that, these stories are healing our paths when we see them and work with them as opportunities to heal and be free.

….they come up, get our attention, yes, sometimes like a cast iron pan on the head kind of attention, SO THAT we can witness, and be in observation of the trick we are playing on ourselves through our stories about who we are and how close we can get to actually living the life we dream of living.

If you knew, no matter what, that every ‘crap thing’ that patterns in our lives is an opportunity to see a hidden burden story…

…and you knew exactly what process to follow to uncover the root and take action to create change…wouldn’t that be life changing?!

You are meant to uncover the true source of your power to change through the stories that show up as patterns of discomfort, frustration and struggle.

Can I get a WOOT on that?! Yes, there is a purpose to patterns that suck and challenge your power to create change!

Here’s the Process:

First, you will have so much more success with all the processes I teach if you go outside and walk this through, or journal actively. Do not sit with this and try to figure it out, activate the flow through moving your body, or accessing a connection to Spirit through journaling.

Step 1. Notice your shift from flow into restriction. You may feel frustrated, angry, depressed, unplugged, overwhelmed, in sudden spin mode or cut off from your sense of self.

Step 2. Look for the attachment. What was the trigger?

Step 3. ID the physical source of the trigger, mate, social media, business, etc, and start doing the work to uncover the feelings. Sometimes it’s more than one thing, so you will have a thought about something, and then look as to why this occurred. Both act as triggers.

Step 4. Connect in and take a look at how do you feel about your life when you are triggered in this way? So go a bit bigger picture than the sense of frustration, or sorrow,..what does it feel like this confirms about your life? ‘It’s all on you?’ “You can’t rely on him/her?’ ‘They don’t truly hear you and so you are powerless to create the change you seek?’ ‘I can’t get clear enough to stay steady?’. This is super important to ID, spend some time here. You will know when you have it because it will start to unravel for you.

Step 5. Story Confirmation: What does it make you think or lead you to believe about the other person or Other, ie Church? ‘They won’t ever get you’, ‘they aren’t the right person’, ‘maybe you are in the wrong business.’ ‘they don’t hear you and so it is a waste of time to speak to them’…these are just a few, see what you come up with. Again, get really clear on this and take your time. Sometimes we get the answers right away! And I would ask for a clear path for that, also, trust in the process. Sometimes we need to sleep on things to become crystal clear.

Step 6. Uncover the power path with a new perspective: Now we are going to use both angles. This is important. We’re uncovering the stories and this is where the hook lives.

So first, how do you feel about your life and your own power to create change when you are in the triggered state and second, what does this lead you to believe about this person? What are the two stories this supports in your own belief system?

Step 7. Next Level: Taking a look and refining the message, distill it down. What is one or two words you can use about how you feel about your life in this state? Unloved, Misunderstood, threatened, what are one or two words that sum up the feelings you are having? Again, distill down the information with the story of the Other? What is the story you see here? Ignored, Resisted, Non Committal….what is it?

Step 8. Step into the Power Path: The most powerful way to create change is to work on the self. See all of these experiences as opportunities to heal the Self. as Mirrors from the Lake of the Heart, as whispers that lead you to a deeper more joy filled and free connection with yourself. Release yourself from believing that you are going to gain power through another. This is not true. Your power is within. And it will always be on you to choose an empowered state. This is where the true freedom to create your desires is living. Within YOU.

Take what you discover and apply it to yourself. So look at healing the part of you that may feel unloved (whatever it is that you come up with about how you feel), and heal the part of yourself that connects to the story of the other, perhaps it’s resistance. Use Light, a healing ritual, active self care, kindness and compassion, whatever is called for to heal these stories that live within you.

Step 9. Heal the Path Within: Walk the path. This is important. Walk with the Wisdom. Go outside. Walk with the knowledge you have now gained, and go over it in your awareness for 20-30 minutes. Actively seek to open the door within your awareness to create the shift of self love and self healing through this process of uncovering.

Step 10. Doing the Work: Do the work you have uncovered. So if it is unloved and resistant others, love yourself and others deeply, practice being in the art of non resistance with yourself and others, knowing you are creating change in every moment, and liberating yourself to be here now! Give Thanks for the opening of this new eye of awareness!

Step 11. The MAGIC OF CHANGE: energy vibrates, through all space and time and surely across the regions of this small planet! Out into the cosmos, through Spirit, and Source and back into the form of Others here. Remember, our supply for all we desire is through Source and it comes to us in form through Others. Others are the connective tissue to Source. Be ready to see your life from the eyes of wonder and grace. Look for the miracles and the magic and they will show up everywhere you turn. All you are doing is liberating yourself from the illusion of separation and stepping into the freedom of your Sacred Presence.

Celebrate and Enjoy! You’ve done this once, you can do it as many times as you need be to claim your power and create change. WOOT!!

My example for this process using a real time story in my life:

1. I noticed: I was super frustrated and angry. What happened??

2 &3. I tracked the trigger: a convo with my team, I said ‘I am so sorry I am super behind on production for the content delivery. My husband has been working the last 21 days straight, from 8am until 9pm or later every night. When he does that, I end up taking care of everything, the cooking, the cleaning, our child’s needs, dinner, organizing, personal business, did I mention the cleaning and the cooking? And when he is complete for the day, he has to unwind and is pretty unavailable for fun engagement and play.’

4. Connect in to your story: I immediately went outside upon realizing this state in my energy. I started doing the work to uncover the feelings and work with them. My feelings were, I am not going to be able to deliver all of this work, I need more time to focus without managing our entire life and a full time company with a passionate drive to help women create change and gain wealth. I am going to fall short of this big dream to be of deep service.

5. Their Story?: he doesn’t hear me, and he doesn’t really care to create change. He’s going to be nice and listen, but his actions don’t translate into real change. There’s nothing I can do but try to find a way to do it all. I love him but this really sucks!

6. Uncovering with Perspective: ok, so I am a slave, imprisoned and bound energetically to love and duty. Whoa right. Ok, and…his story? He didn’t feel heard or engaged with as a child and a teen, so he is in the shadow with being actively engaged with me. He didn’t feel heard so he won’t hear me until he heals his shadow and he isn’t really interested in doing that. (remember, this is MY take on his story, and that is all that matters for this process, this all comes back to me and I know that going in. This is all part of taking Radical Loving Responsibility for my path)

7. Next Level: Distill it down. Imprisonment. Powerless to create change in him so I can get my needs met. What are my needs?? I want to be actively engaged with, I want to be heard!

8. Step into the Power Path: So going in, I know I am going to be working on me. Not him. But I fully allow myself to surrender to the process of unravelling so I can see the illuminated path…I know Freedom is supporting me to open the next level of my heart and mind. I begin to feel that smile creep up in my body, I have figured it out…I’ve been Standing in a disempowered state with my engagement with him and I have the story of being Unheard. Very quickly, I see how this plays out in my life…I can see it in oh so many places!! Past marketing, where I worked so hard and it was if no one heard me, my relationship with my mother as she began to decline in health, and the feeling that I HAD TO DO IT….I was imprisoned, bound, disempowered.

9. Heal the Path Within: Once I figure this seal point