This might be an intense read. So don’t read it if you want something light and fluffy today!! I totally understand and send you love from here!

If you are ready for a bit of a ride…Read On.

The Pain of the Masquerade is Real.

I mean the kind of Masquerade without the cool ballroom, awesome dresses, and magical masks.

Well….there’s a mask, yes, but it isn’t really magical…or very easy to take off.

I’ve been there. I bet you have too.

Maintaining Status Quo
When you are connected to Spirit, and somewhere along the line you agreed to live and do what you are good at (instead of your GENIUS WORK), to ‘do what makes sense’ to make a living, to live in a place that doesn’t light you up, to maintain status quo and keep up with everyone else… there’s a real and deep struggle going on that we can hide behind a smiling face…

Ignoring Spirit and Self is not easy to do. Right?

But sometimes it feels we will fall apart if we actually speak about the mask and the struggle. As if all of the parts and messy bits will tumble out onto the floor and never again will be able to reclaim them fit them back in so they fit. Sometimes we feel if we let it out, we won’t be able to keep the smiling face that at least keeps everything status quo.

We will forever be exposed.


Until the day when you realize it doesn’t have to be that way… and that more than anything, more than any judgment, shame, blame… fear… whatever it is…that what matters most is your well being, and your ability to be REALLY TRULY present with your work and your life.

Breaking Free
When we ignore the call, it hurts. Straight out. We feel squished. We feel like we are robots. We feel like we are faking ‘knowing’ at an expert level when in truth, we are just piecing the pieces together because we are smart, resourceful and resilient. And… most of us have been practicing this masquerade thing for awhile now….so ironicallly, we can become experts at hiding behind a mask even if it doesn’t really truly fit us.

So what do we do when we know this is the truth? When we see the Mask and we can ID It? Name It?

We want to break free! To finally liberate ourselves from playing a game that doesn’t really serve us, or our true purpose here.

I mean doesn’t it make sense to live life doing what you came here to do?

I know, from my own personal experience as a Spiritual Entrepreneur, It’s not always easy to shift into Soul Purpose and leave the old identity behind. It can feel like a death is occurring and in some ways, it is. A shedding of what is no longer needed in order to stretch and reach…to rise up into a much easier way of being who you be.

You Are Not Alone
So why is it so damn hard to let go if it’s a better ride??!! It’s called BEING HUMAN! You are not alone.

Look, I am not expecting you to wake up tomorrow saying, “I’ve got it. I am letting go of that way of being and stepping into my truth! I am claiming my right to live in My True Full Expression and take full Conscious Leadership of my life!”

But I want you to know that if you do wake up like that, you can make the shift in one day. Step by step. One foot in front of the other. Loving yourself just as you would another.

Wait? I can do that in one day??
..YES! AND, you will have to build the awareness to have that epiphany that drives you to create change, but I have found that by the time we ID the Mask, most of my clients are already seeing the signs that something isn’t quite right with what they are doing and where they are focusing their time and attention….down deep they know. They aren’t in flow. They are somehow off track with what they are supposed to be doing with their lives.

Either the money isn’t there in powerful abundance, even when there’s a 7 figure income! Sometimes they are struggling to speak their truth and feel heard in their personal relationships, or they find they can’t sleep at night,… or perhaps they don’t feel fully connected to the life they are living, as if they are floating through their days and never really being present with themselves or those they love….

Here are 5 REAL TIME TESTED TOOLS I use to Release the FLOW into my life, to flow the energy and be in the Authentic Me and in Flow with Spirit…which is exactly where I am being asked, and you too, we are all being asked to LIVE AND TO LOVE LIFE.

My 5 Tools For Flow:

1. Learn to Ask Questions. Ask yourself, where do I feel discomfort? What’s the best way for me to move through this discomfort?
What is really going on for me? Is this my stuff or am I picking up on someone else’s stuff?
This activates the witness and support of the Authentic Self and deepens your relationship with WHO YOU BE. (always a good thing!)

2. Get Outside Into Nature. Move your BODY. Walk! Get Quiet and Grounded. Listen to the birds, to the wind, look at the magic that surrounds you. She is amazing yes? Mother Nature, the most powerful force, and I believe She is also a force of Love. We have literally EVOLVED in her lap! She is here to help us to let go, to surrender and to be Bigger Better Receivers AND Givers.

3. Play Some Funky Music! Shake your booty! BREATHE, DANCE!, be ok with not knowing what is coming next…it’s SO hard sometimes to be in the Mystery of Life but we that’s where the Magic is living! It’s not all planned out for us to see everything that is coming (even for those who are awesome Seers), that would be terribly boring yes? Move your body and Flow with the Divine that comes through Music.

4. Hands On Body. Womb and Heart (one of my favourite ways, in fact this is my go to wake up position). Put your hands on your body. One hand on heart, one hand on lower belly and ask “What Do You Need From Me?” “What is being asked for?” Learn to ask and to listen and to BE WITH your body.

5. Play The Uber Wealth Game. It’s all a Game. This life. We play scarce, we get scarcity. We play fear, we get that mirrored back to us. We play and love and give thanks, we receive that back! It’s a dynamic exchange of energy…that is the field we all live in. So, I play the game (the Uber Wealth Game is just one of the games I play!) I ask: If I had everything I wanted, what would that be? So what is the income/money in the bank, that would be ‘I’ve got it! This gives me all I need AND MORE!” for you? Then ask, What would I be doing with my time if I had everything I need?

Sometimes, you will hear NADA, CRICKETS, nothing!…just keep playing, have fun…see what comes up for you.

One of the most important things to share…you have what it takes to live your dream life. That is why it is YOUR DREAM. It’s trying to get you to come closer, to listen, to pay attention and TO DO and BE the YOU that you are being asked to be.

Sometimes, it hurts so much to let go of who we are, even when it is constricting, heavy, and not truly aligned with our Authentic Self. Even when WE KNOW the Mask is not working for us!

Part of this is self defense. We hide on purpose. To keep our soft underbelly protected from others.

And the other part,…well, that pain you feel?

It’s Spirit knocking on your door.

Saying, Come Play and LIVE your life IN FLOW.

That is why you are here. Truly. To live a life in flow…and when the dam is built, and the mask is on, the very force of Spirit is trying to get you to see there’s a better way to be you. Talk about a Power Struggle! UH HUH!

Been there, done that, and I still experience this as a struggle at times! It’s just that the more willing you are to see, the easier it is to let go. XO

You HAVE Everything it takes to be You. Don’t forget.

Love yourself through the Shifts as you drop the old mask and be willing to receive deep support as you grow and expand. You are not alone. And you don’t have to travel alone either.

Remember: Love Yourself Through Everything! And Be Fiercely You,

Be Fiercely You,
Kaeleya XO

PS-“Live and Love Life”…Living and loving does NOT mean life is perfect, it doesn’t have to be. Living and loving life is not some ‘tralala always bouncy flowers sprouting up at every step’…well, if that’s what you want, go for it. But for me? Living and Loving Life is being HERE NOW, laughing, experiencing the MoonLight, the Stars, the Sun on my back, my child’s laughter and bright thoughts, the truly delicious moments of being alive…it’s not always pretty, shiny, easy. It’s not. But the Sea is not always smooth, and yet we see her Beauty. We See Her Power and Grace and her deep Value. I challenge you to see your own Beauty, your Power and Grace when you look in the Mirror. Secret: that’s a game changer play. XO


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