We can’t let fear into our hearts in the face of the world’s chaos.

We have to love our way through this, to keep hate and loathing out of our minds as that only clouds and muddies the true solutions.

Now’s the time to use your business for the good of self and the good of others.

If you can truly overflow your bounty into the world, we can create a system that is sustainable.

Self Sacrifice is not sustainable. Being alone is not sustainable.

This world is full of compassionate, honest, loving people.
If we can create a bridge through our own intentions to hold these values in our businesses, we truly can create a pivot in the direction we are headed.

You can see this right underneath the surface…

I am not an economist. My first majors were Political Science and English. But I know how to listen to the professors who speak of what is truly happening, and I can see for my own eyes, as can you, that doing with the intention of benefiting Self AND others is a sustainable model for us to live as a global community.

I am not a quantum physicist. I am on my way to a doctorate in metaphysics. I see what is possible in the quantum physics research being shared throughout this world as a touch from the unseen to help us see one truth.

We are all connected to this vibrant, living, dynamic field we call home.

One exchange for another, and back and forth and back and forth. We breathe through the earth, we feel each other’s thoughts, intentions, and mindset at a vibrational level.

This world is a living breathing dynamic field of energy.

It is a dance. That will not change.

There are Laws that do not change with Time…

There are laws that govern us that are not written in through legislation and debate, they simply are present whether we acknowledge them or not.

So understand the laws, understand the nature of humanness, and know that you are truly a spiritual being having a human experience.

It means that you can choose to be asleep.
It means you can choose to be awake. With Eyes Wide Open.

As business women, we are poised to bring great positive change to this world.
When your eyes become wide open, you can no longer ‘un know’ what is possible for the good of self and others.

We have all heard ‘change is not for the weak of constitution.”

I understand the struggle to change.

But I believe you can use the energy being drained in worry and fear, that which weakens you, and shift it, into the power source that makes positive change inevitable.

True change requires choosing an alignment beyond your current level of satisfaction.

So it’s clumsy, it’s scary, it can be such a rip and a tear to fully step IN, to fully EMBODY the life that makes a life for the good of self and others.

But don’t you think that’s the true reason we are here?

To be together in love, compassion and honesty?

love to all, and blessings for your path,



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  • Lisa Morrison says:

    Your words, your spirit can make the dead sea, sing..the coldest heart, melt..the rocks arbitrary beginnings becoming the diamond, as you have created, all of this, with your song…a river of poetic justice. Thank you, Namaste’. Peace, love & hammocks Lisa

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