Hello Gorgeous Divine Woman!

Welcome to the dance of this December Full Moon, the last Full Moon of 2018, and to the opening of Winter with the Solstice…

Are you ready to honour this full moon cycle and gather your old giveupables, you know those sticky lameo down and drama filled stories, beliefs, identities, conversations, doubts and struggles that SERIOUSLY cramp your amazing mojo???

GREAT! Because NOW is the time to give them over. The energy is primed, pumped and ready to go! HALLELUJAH!

Here’s the thing, the Moon, She is here to help us. In every way you can imagine. And so, She cycles, giving us an opportunity each and every day to use Her energy to release and purge, complete, heal, liberate, deep dive and enlighten, discover, accelerate and create.

So what’s this Full Moon opportunity all about? It’s the FULL YEAR DUMP! Release and Purge, Woman!

This year, it’s been intense, yes? We are all being strengthened through the release of our judgements against others and ourselves, and through the call to use Love for every solution to every problem.

We are returning to Love.

For this December Full Moon…Think dropping the old stories, the trash, the stuff that keeps your hand full and your heart heavy, at the door of a gorgeous luxury cave that is perfectly designed for you AKA WINTER.

Welcome this fullness experience, like a big stretch of all the chakras, of all the body centers as they release the binds, the old thoughts of limited self, the pain and the sorrows for things left undone and unfulfilled.

And when the darkest day comes, be welcomed into the cave time, honour the cycle.

We know that when we honour the cycles, we thrive.

When we aren’t holding on to forcing energy against the cycle, we are able to flow with the power of the energy.

More Flow means More Ease.

We can more easily access the energy to use for intelligence, witnessing, full presence, communication, discovery, invention, creating and implementation, birthing, release and completion.

OMG that’s like THE whole cycle in one sentence!! Right?!

But this point is so important to see…”there are cycles within cycles within cycles. Every year, every season, every month, week, day, minute, second, breath.”

When you know that in every cycle there is a cycle, you will be open to the power of release and the ability to more deeply receive within the same moment. The Yin and the Yang. The Dark and the Light. This is the way of this universe we live in, in and out, up and down, around and around and back again.

We are simply returning to our most Magical Divine Selves, we have forgotten who we are. But who we are has not forgotten us. Thank Goddess!

We are all working our way back to Love.
Weaving the threads of a life here on earth, like a gorgeous tapestry holding space for our Divine Bodies and Divine Minds.

And it is very very important to know how much choice you have in the tapestry you create.

Secret Share: My master plan is for you to know Your Divine Feminine Self, and have access to all the mastery and power, love and success that comes from embracing the Goddess, Shakti, the power creatrix and manifester in our lives and on this planet.

Honouring the Full Moon cycle is just one way to honour your Divine Feminine Self.

Full Moon Prep:

First of all, know this:

Truth: You are a Bad Ass. Let’s be real here. That’s the truth. Take a long hard look in the mirror, or even better a long loving look and see that woman looking back at you. Oh the mountains you have climbed, the journeys you have taken, the shit you have dealt with and still you found love at the core. Love is what you were looking for behind every cloud, love is what you were standing for in the center of every storm…and so, love found a way to find you, no matter how far you felt from your center, you and love were and are a perfect beautiful match.

My Definition of a BAD ASS Divine Fem: A woman who chooses love over hate and victimhood. A woman who lives her life with her arms wide open for those she loves, no matter how messy and how broken things can sometimes be. A woman who rises into the Heart of the Queen Goddess living within her when all else falls and crumbles. And marches on, knowing, love is at the core…and she’s standing up for that, no matter what.

Oh the power of Being Love AND a Bad Ass to create a life of fulfilled dreams.

You get to choose, every time, How and Where You Show Up. ( I know that sounds like a hidden message and it is. XO!)

Bottom line.

The more you know that how you live your life is your choice, the more happier, the more powerful, and the more deeply joyful you will be.

You will be empowered to change what isn’t working for you, you will take responsibility for your results, and you will not sit idly by feeling like crap, and wondering WTF is going on.

Your Life is Your Choice. Remember that.

It’s up to you how you want to show up, every day, full moon time, any time, any where. And yes that means broody, happy, enraged, en flowed, peaceful, pissed off, joy filled…you get the picture. Be YOU. But be in Choice about it.

Here’s the Full Moon Prep:

Take 7 minutes, you can set the timer!

Think about all of the BULL that you are so ready to wave byebye to.

I mean, all of it. The struggles with your mind, your body, your weight, your team, your money, your mom, your sisters, your friends, your mate, your faith, …let me take a breath…
Your kid, your dogs, your vet bills, your taxes, your brilliant genius plan for saving the WHOLE WORLD that hasn’t worked out, YET.

Yeah, I know there’s more!!! But you get the idea.

DUMP IT, Woman!

Step 1. First 7 minutes. Preferably this is done at night, late evening, or if possible, midnight-2am.
Think about it. Gather those thoughts in your beautiful mind.

Step 2. Next 7 minutes.
Write it. -bullet points only. (I know you might need more than one dose of 7 minutes, so go for it. But the point is, no story writing, just bullet points!)

Step 3. Final 7 minutes
Light a candle. And yup, make sure it’s a safe spot! Look at the candle, take a deep breath, place one hand on your heart, and one hand on the paper.

Repeat after me:
“Goddess, Shakti, the Light Within me, and all around me, hear me as I make this prayer. I lovingly release my struggles with…. (Read what you’ve written outloud.) I am ready to be free of these burdens, and replace this energy that has held me back with abundant flow and freedom to focus on my passionate purposefilled life. I ask for your love and support, to take these burdens from me gently with ease and Grace. I am ready to step into my luxurious winter cave to create, rest, relax and rejuvenate over these next 90 days. I ask for your love and blessings and I give thanks for all I am and for knowing how beautiful, and powerful I truly am. I am Shakti. I am Goddess. I am the Creatrix of my Divine Feminine Life.”

If you can start this process 2-3 days before Full Moon that would be great, but it’s not necessary. You can also ride out the power of this cycle for 2-3 days after the moon peaks (see what feels right in your body) and begin or continue this process.

Step 4. On the Full Moon Night, burn (safely, I know, you know!) and release the paper saying simply. “ I bless and release the energy of these words and this paper. Blessed be and for the highest good.”

Here’s the ideal timeline:

3 days prior to the full moon, go through the whole process.

Repeat everyday including full moon day, if it feels right.
You can rewrite, add, or just go right to Step 3: reading in front of a candle.

Full Moon Night burn the now very charged paper.

If you are coming to this on the Full Moon, do it all in one day. OR continue up until 2-3 days out and then burn and release. But again, trust your feelings and senses on whether the energy is there for you in those days after the Full Moon.

As always, follow this process as it feels most aligned to YOU. Change the words, you can change the timings. But my advice is that you keep it in this order as shown above, and the times to under 10 minute per step. (except of course in the writing down if you need multiples of time!-cause I know this year was a DOOZY!!!)

Take Every Opportunity to Love the Self, to move closer to the Divine, to the Goddess Within,
All my love,
Kaeleya XO

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