You are the Solution you seek for your business and the world.


Sometimes as spiritual business women on a mission to make a difference, we can feel so far from this truth.

We can know it in our hearts, we can have the faith it takes to follow this path….but try as we might, sometimes it can feel we just keep hitting up against a brick wall that has no intention of yielding so that we may pass.

We may even say, to hell with you brick wall. I AM STRONGER THAN YOU.

And we can gather the tools for demolition. Set it all up. Blast our way through.

Continue on and then oh shit, here’s another one.

WE CAN keep doing that. But down deep I bet you know there’s a better way after you’ve walked through the rubble of about 4 or 5 of those demolitions.

Plus they are time consuming. Needless to mention that not only are you stronger, you are actually much more powerful.

But this time, the power lives in your ability to choose.
To choose around the wall, above, below, to the right or to the left.

You have options and they all come through your ability to choose.

If You make it your focus to Become a Powerful Chooser and then you Practice Choosing…

You will make this a Real Superpower in your life and everything you struggle with will fall away from your path..brick walls demolish themselves as they leave your conscious awareness…

You see the secret is that brick walls are spiritual teachers. Sometimes they are there to see how strong we are, how hard we can climb, or how resilient we are when facing a barrier that comes up out of nowhere.

But I feel they are also there to pose the question..

Is there a better way for you to get where you want to go?

I promise you there are more ways than you and I can conceive of for you to arrive at your desires.

Let that sink in for a moment. There are more options than we can conceive of!

When we know that, coming up with 3 or 4 options becomes easy!

And the more we practice coming up with options when facing barriers, the easier it becomes to find the solutions.

Ok, but what is the step by step??

Well, what are we doing in that moment?

We are choosing another way that feels better.

When we are choosing another way that feels better, we are being powerful choosers!

We are outsmarting the brick wall. HURRAY!!! WOOT WOOT!

And there’s more…

There’s a Spiritual Law in play here. Actually two!

The Law of Causality. This is the Law of Cause and Effect. My teacher calls this Karma.

Karma. Which is actually deep thinking.

What he has taught me is that our Karma comes through our ancestral line, and our soul genes.

So we come in with Karma, and with our deep thinking, we CREATE our life, our business, our relationships, our scarcity and our success.

This is the law that has always told me how powerful we truly are! We are SO powerful that we create our reality with our deep thinking! WOOT!

What about the Karma? Oh that. WELL!
There’s a way to work with it. This is why I speak to two laws in this work today….

The second law works with the Law of Causality and gives you something to move towards with intention.

It’s a Law you can lean into, one you can reach for to make that powerful new choice so tangible and so much easier to use in the here and now.

It’s the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Polarity states that “everything that exists has an equal and exact opposite. To put it even stronger: for anything to exist, there has to be an equal and exact opposite. Nothing is one-sided; everything contains its opposite.”

So this means for every experience you have that is painful, there is peace on the other side. For every lack thought, there is an abundant thought. For every slow business, there is prosperity.

It means that every experience of…

Overwhelm has Confidence as an option…

Chaos has Calm, and Confusion has Clarity….

How do you work with it?

You lean towards what you want to experience.

You learn to powerfully choose to lean ALL IN towards the energy, the feeling, the thought that you know is living on the other side of the one that holds you back.

You pay attention and witness when you start to feel off center, spacey, sad, confused, frustrated….and you lean towards its opposite KNOWING it’s there!!!

YES!!! It works! Trust me, please, I have used this over and over and over again to move myself and my clients from pain into peace, from freakout into flow, and from doubt into faith and confidence.

The beauty is, it’s almost instantaneous the more you practice working with it.

That’s the power of working with the Truth when you are a Spiritual Entrepreneur – you actually wired open to work with the Truth!

It’s why I rely on the Spiritual Laws so much in my own life and in my business with my clients.

I see it work, over and over again!

And another gift when working with the Laws…It’s like Newton’s Law of Gravitational Pull, you don’t have to believe in it to experience it.

Clients who were skeptics, or just not certain that the Spiritual Laws could work to create more flow and income in their businesses, started using them with great success.

Working with the Spiritual Laws to create change and flow in business is a key turning point in the success with every one of my clients.

Why? Because we can rely on it, and we can move towards it to create change.

Our bodies understand the Truth. And it becomes a magnetic vibrational pull to leads us powerfully towards our desires.

Now, go make the world a better place. It’s why you are here.

Be blessed,

And remember, Love Yourself Fiercely through Everything!

With Love,
Kaeleya Rayne


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