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Let’s get you past the old default desires to push as hard as you can to create change, and start opening you up to your true feminine power, and fully empower the Goddess Within with a Divine Map to Success.

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Kaeleya Rayne xo
Love Notes

Kaeleya is a Modern Sage. She has the ability to see into you and beyond you into who you are becoming. She is also extremely practical and grounded in the now. It is this combinational force that pulls you into your highest future self when working with her. She then teaches you how to be this force for yourself in your each and every day.

Heather DominickFounder and Leader of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® Movement

She is not only connected to Mother Earth and the Goddess, she is a Goddess herself! Although she has special and unique abilities, she is also very down to earth, open, honest and even funny! May I repeat, her intuition, support and approach is second to none.

Gloria AlvarezCEO Alvarez Holdings

Kaeleya knows how to guide you through the (re)discovery of who you are and the “work” you are called to do in the world; to reach deeply into yourself and integrate body, mind, and soul so that you are able to see and be in the world embodying the love and peace of the divine in your relationships, your profession, and daily living. I “live and move and have my being” in the world in a wonderfully different way because of her.

Anne BurkholderAssociate Dean, Emory University

For anyone who is desiring and destined for intentional, successful, and compassionate living, I now know a strong structure to build upon is imperative. Kaeleya is that powerhouse of bright light energy with desire to empower and improve the lives of women and men alike.

Sarah Johnson