Get out from underneath your own thumb….
Take your Ego out of your Business.

Focus on the Truth…
Your Divine Feminine Energy is the master key that unlocks your happiness, your business income, your visibility and the impact your work makes on the world.

You and your work are part of the Sacred Solution for every dream and every vision you have for this world.

I know you have a big vision for the world, a life to live and a business to lead.

And I would love to help you live your best life and lead that business with WAY more Love, Joy and Ease!

If you are a Spiritual Business Woman and keep on spinning your wheels and feel like you will never get ahead because no matter how much you earn, it’s never enough, or no matter how many zero’s or how much money you see in your bank account, you still feel like you could lose it all at any moment, the secret shift is that you MUST Unleash the Power of your Feminine Energy and create a higher level relationship with your money.

If you are a Spiritual Business Woman and you are so burned out, DRAINED, overwhelmed and exhausted from trying to manage your energy, your responsibilities, your life and your business all at the same time, the vital missing piece you MUST have is to Unleash the Power of your Feminine Energy so that you can truly co-create with the Divine, your Intuition and your Body’s Wisdom. Bring your best life forward and lead your irresistible business with complete clarity, confidence and effectiveness. Finally claim your sacred wealth and worth, and get real lasting results in your business.

I support Spiritual Business Women like you to Unleash your Feminine Energy, Awaken the Goddess Within, and Unlock your Spiritual Superpowers that you call upon and use as leverage to step into your best self (She’s alive, ready and waiting for you), and to create the irresistible business you love so that you can powerfully lead your work out into the world, make higher levels of money, be more visible and make a bigger impact on the world.

If you are ready to work with a Divine Channel:

  • Who speaks your language and the language of business, and can show you how to step out of ‘the business fog’ and into business clarity so you can take the exact next steps you need to flow your business energy.
  • Who will show you how to work with your energy to uplevel your relationship with money, no more sacrificial dynamics and sleepless nights.
  • Who will help you unlock your Hidden Superpowers and show you how to use them REAL TIME to create leverage, acceleration and momentum in your life and your business.
  • Who will show you how to step out of energy sensitive hell and into the truth: your energy is a SuperPower you are meant to use to succeed and positively impact the world.
  • Who will help you to create a clear and customized Step by Step Divine Map to Success that you can draw upon for clarity, confidence and direction.
  • Who will show you how to step into the driver’s seat in your life and your business so that you can stress less, complete more, feel more effective and more joyful day in and day out.
My Sacred Invitation is for you to invite me to have a call with you by filling out this form here.

In our call together, you will see what is possible by seeing yourself as the blessing and the Goddess in your business and your life, and you will see the clear path to creating the higher levels of income, the visibility and the impact you wish to create for this world.

I look forward to the Magic that shows up in our call together!

See you there!

Love and blessings,

Kaeleya xo


Superpowered Fempreneurs:
A Goddess Mastermind

Bringing the Divine Feminine into the World of Business. This is a high-level Mastermind of manifesters and visionaries who ready to step into a powerful Circle of Women.

A year-long program for women who want the deep support of being in sacred sisterhood and who are ready to magnetize the life and business of their dreams.

Through a practical approach to working with the Goddess and Mystical Practices, you will experience high perspective of your own Divine Map, clarity on Divine Right Action, deepened connection with your own power and an acceleration and momentum in your manifestations.

A year-long program in group mastermind with Kaeleya to take the leap into the next level vision for your life and business.

P.S. we are adding some private time to help you clear any obstacles that come up and deepen your awareness of your true power.

Magnetic Mojo:
Unlock your Hidden SuperPowers and Use Them For Good

Become the Superpowered Woman in your own life who makes high-level decisions and takes Sovereign Self actions with confidence, courage and clarity.

We all have SuperPowers.

When you Unlock them, Name them, Claim them, you Unlock Hidden Potential that you can use in business and life to create acceleration, momentum and freedom for yourself and the world.

Many of us also have Sensitivities and Abilities…those are simply locked up Superpowers.

You will gain the ability to use your MOJO -that AWESOME YOU that you KNOW is living inside of you, waiting to be called upon and liberated.

Become the Woman who creates a powerful impact for your life, for your family and the world.

A 6-month private program with Kaeleya. Focused one on one time to unlock your Superpowers, get a practical look at your life and business and step by step clear direction on how to use your Superpowers real time in your life and business. It’s important to uncover these powers, and just as important to be able to use them practically to create results you can see and touch.

Goddess Within:
Live An Empowered Divine Feminine Life

Within you Lives a Goddess. She is the ultimate woman living right inside of you, and She is within your reach.

Awaken Her, and your life will change. Your Spiritual Superpowers will unlock, you will have access to your Intuition and your Wisdom, to your own Divine Map. When you Awaken the Goddess Within, you begin to understand how to embody her… and your Self Worth will finally align with your true immense value.

Any Sensitivities you have will become your Superpowers as they are reframed and fueled with the right energy. Imagine life knowing how to show up for those big impactful moments, knowing you can trust yourself to make choices that align with your Truth, knowing that the glass ceiling and dream opposing struggles are simply energy wanting to be redirected and released.

Your perspective will develop into an expanded awareness of the solutions for your lingering conflicts and struggles. You will begin to see many options where once there were none… instead of a dark and gloomy one-way path that squeezes and forces you to acquiesce and yield. You will see with new eyes as you step into a more creative, more intelligent, more intuitive way of being.. When you live this way, you have 24/7 access to the Goddess Within who leads and guides you into high-level relationships, mind, body and soul freedom, and helps you to live your best life and successfully run your business with love, joy and ease.

A year-long private program with Kaeleya with private intensives, focused one on one time and deep support to Awaken, to Embody your Goddess Shakti, to develop your abilities to clearly see the hidden obstacles, illuminate the patterns, and bring unique solutions to long-standing problems and, to work closely with your Intuition and Wisdom on a practical level to gain real results in your life and business.

Kaeleya has combined very unique life long skills with powerful and accessible methods that can produce profound results in others.

Jim LutesBest Selling Author, Master Entrepreneur, and Founder of Lutes International

Kaeleya is a Modern Sage. She has the ability to see into you and beyond you into who you are becoming. She is also extremely practical and grounded in the now. It is this combinational force that pulls you into your highest future self when working with her. She then teaches you how to be this force for yourself in your each and every day.

Heather DominickFounder and Leader of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® Movement

Kaeleya is an unmatched force of brilliance, radiance and grace.
She lives and breathes the mission of her work in the world. She empowers and inspires women to embody their own natural gifts to launch them into the life and business of their dreams.

Harsimrit Kaur Khalsa

If you are a woman who is ready to heed your calling, commit to stepping into the biggest shoes of your are willing to truly, deeply grow, then Kaeleya is the right guide for you. Working with Kaeleya is game changer. Guaranteed.

Noemi CastroCreator of Heart-Centered Home |

You are being called to Unleash the Power of your
Divine Feminine Energy. It's Time.