Goddess Wisdom School was created to serve as a bridge between you and the Divine Feminine, The Goddess Shakti…to share our knowledge, insights and mystical practices.

It's our deepest wish that you...

  • Hold and Wield Your True Power
  • Awaken the Goddess Within
  • Embody Your True Divine Power
  • Bring forward a Divinely Empowered Life for the blessings of self and others…

Become a Beacon for the change you wish to see in the world

Become a Bigger Receiver for your highest good,

Access your Intuition and your Wisdom,

With More Trust, more joyful pleasure, more confidence, courage and clarity.

You are being called to Unleash the Power of your
Divine Feminine Energy. It's Time.

She is not only connected to Mother Earth and the Goddess, she is a Goddess herself! Although she has special and unique abilities, she is also very down to earth, open, honest and even funny! May I repeat, her intuition, support and approach is second to none.

Gloria AlvarezCEO Alvarez Holdings

Kaeleya is a powerhouse. She has such a fire inside of her and helps you to find yours in a way that is so supportive and nurturing, you don’t even realize you are in the process of awakening your inner Goddess! Her insights are invaluable, and I am honored and blessed to have her steady guidance.

Alexia NeonakisVedic Astrologer, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Nutritional Cleansing Coach

Her reminder was often as simple as choosing love. Kaeleya communicates with a poetic plain speak that sparks continuous ah-ha moments of awakening.

Stephanie Allenearning my living as a Creative Marketing Strategist

If you’re seeking clarity, growth, unconditional love and support, no matter where you are in your own journey, Kaeleya is the trail guide you want with you on your path.

Kristin L. StewartPhD, Author, Advisor & Adventure Guide

She radiates love, light, and wisdom…all goodness, truth and beauty…far and wide. Always has, and always will. A genuine conduit for grace and miracles.

Robert AikenAstrologer, Metaphysician, Therapeutic Counsellor, and Writer